The mission of the Academia Committee is to encourage the participation of L.I students and universitity faculty through the recruitment and retention of student chapters.  The Committee strives to promote and foster interaction between the students, professionals and operators inthe management of water resources.


The mission of the Awards Committee is to be facilitators to bring to the LI Chapter information about individuals who are performing exceptional work in their fields and recommend appropriate Association awards for them.


The Digester is the Long Island Chapters newsletter, keeping all members current on the Chapters activities.

For submittal of article or information contact the Editor, William Nylic - 


The mission of the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Committee is to:
* Promote the professional status of personnel in wastewater operations and maintenance
* Expand operators' knowledge of wastewater facilities, mechanical and managerial skills, and safety
* Promote fellowship and comradery amongst operators and fellow members through networking

The O&M Committee is working with the Long Island Chapter, state NYWEA, and national Water Environment Federation to improve professional excellence.

Young Professionals & Operators


The mission of the Young Professionals and Operators Committee is to promote and increase social interaction for young professionals and operators in the water environment industry under the NYWEA membership by providing a forum for networking, professional growth and access to the professional community.

Environmental Science


The mission of the Environmental Science Committee is to encourage the participation of Chemists, Biologists, Geologists, Hydrologists, and other Scientists in the environmental field. The Committee strives to promote and foster the interactions between the Scientists and Engineers involved in the management of water resources.


The mission of the Membership Committee is to increase the number and diversity of Chapter members.


Our goal is to bring to the attention of our members new, interesting and emerging technologies for wastewater and sludge treatment. We strive to keep abreast of technologies that are of particular interest to the Long Island Chapter. We will use seminars to introduce our members to the concepts and practical issues surrounding the technology with emphasis on operations and maintenance of the system

industrial waste


To try and educate the industrial users as to what we do as POTW Operators, and how we impact each other in both direct and indirect ways